Terms of Use


General Conditions

  1. You must have a minimum age of 23 years and a maximum of 72 years to rent a car. *
  2. The driver must have a Greek, European or international driving license.
  3. The driving license must have been issued at least one year in advance.
  4. Have a personal credit card or pay a deposit of 250 euros **


 *Extra charges apply for drivers younger than 23 years and over 72

 ** The deposit is for car rentals of A and B category cars, higher categories require a credit card.


Car pickup

You should have with you::

  1. Existing driving license.
  2. Passport or ID.
  3. Personal credit card. (Third party cards are not accepted)


Upon receipt of the car the renter is given a lease as well as a document with all insurance covers to be signed.


The renter along with the employee of the company should check the car for any prior damage.

The renter must sign the vehicle's proof of condition on the basis of which the vehicle will be delivered at the end of the rental.




Necessary condition is the recording of the incident by the police.


Ecomotion car rental vehicles are insured under: (CDW, FDW, TP, WUG)


Against third parties, excluding the driver, for death and personal injury of up to EUR 1 million per victim.

For damage to third parties excluding ecomotion car rental up to EUR 1 million.


If the renter is not responsible for the accident, his / her participation in the damage compensation of the vehicle is zero. 

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) 

In each car accident the lessee is liable for the damage to the car up to the amount of:


Amount per vehicle category:






















 If the renter is not responsible for the accident, his / her participation in the damage compensation of the vehicle is zero. 

A prerequisite is that the police record the incident.


TP-WUG (Theft Protection - Wheels, Underside and Glass)

Renter has zero share in case of total car theft

Renter has zero share in the event of any damage to the windshield and windshield mirrors on the tires and underside of the car

The car should be used on asphalted roads in the event of damage to a car used on roads other than asphalted, then the tenant is obliged to cover all repairs. 


FDW (Full Damage Waiver)

The renter is exempt from any charge in an accident with another vehicle.

He has to produce the letter of the event log from the police or from the company's Insurance accident care which insured vehicles of ecomotion car rental.

If  the required document is not provided then the renter is obliged to participate in the loss at the amount stated on CDW. 

In the event of an accident without the involvement of another vehicle, the renter is obliged to take part in the damage to the ecomotion car rental at the amount stated on the CDW.



The above insurance does not cover:

  • Damage caused at the time the driver is under effect of alcohol or drugs in violation of the Road Traffic Code.
  • By a persons who is not listed as driver in the rental agreement
  • In the event that no incident registration from the police is provided by the driver. 


Fire insurance 

The renter has zero participation in the event of a fire of the ecomotion car rental if it is recorded by the police.


Additional Charges


The car is delivered with fuel and returned with the same amount of fuel.

No refund for fuel difference.


Extension of rent period

In the event that the renter wishes to keep the car longer than originally agreed, he or she must notify the company two days prior to the expiry of the lease in order to include the extra days in the lease.


Vehicle Replacement

Replacement after accident or mechanical damage takes place at ecomotion car rental offices within:

  1. 48 hours for the period: 20/09 to 10/06
  2. 72 hours for the period: 11/06 to 19/09

Car Drop off

  1. For Car Drop off before 7:00 and after 22:00 there is an extra charge of 25 euros.
  2. Hire Here Leave It There (One Way): You can Pick Up and Drop Off the car at different ecomotion car rental stations with extra charge depending on which stations.
  3. Accident File Costs: The renter is liable for 15 euros in case of accident liability.
  4. Fines: The renter is responsible for paying the fines that may arise from the infringements of the driving code while renting the car.
  5. Loss of keys: In case of loss or destruction of the car keys, the renter is obliged to pay the sum of 250 euros for their replacement.
  6. Car interior: If the car is returned with stains that require special cleaning, the renter is charged 70 euros.